Expression Enablers

Originally posted on in 2012 at

The veneer of vivacity and the facade of frivolity,
Obligated by political correctness,
Precipitating suppressed truths of beliefs.
Forced smiles and meaningless nods,
Bearing the asininity of liars, idiots and ignoramuses,
Leading to a false identity of self.
Absurd values of a finite existence,
Stretching partial recesses to abyss of darkness,
Deceptions and despair and disillusionment and boredom
Alienating the self from the true self.

But then there are the uplifters –
The warm freshness of green tea,
The luxurious indulgence on the iMac,
The seven-score characters from a digital shloka,
The delicate nuances of smooth jazz on iTunes radio.
Each invigorating the creative trails starting on
The relaxed dawns of a Saturday.


Thus, the peregrination initiation,
Fugitive overtones, wandering attention,
Diffused thoughts, elusive ideas,
Brought into fine relief and sharp focus.
Screw you, O pretender self,
My words will gaff,
The ruthless honesty saying what ought to be said,
Transfiguring to  a wonderful denouement on a blank page,
Offering the cathartic benefits of self-expression.


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